Wedding Officiant & Life Coach - Dr. Joan Dickinson
"We feel that we were lucky to have you as the officiant for our wedding.  Even though we only met you once on Skype, you were able to create a ceremony that was personal to both Sarah and I.  You were also very flexible and more than happy to wait for the weather to subside because it was a beach ceremony. Thank you so much Joan!" Sarah and Jerry

         Create Your Perfect Wedding
Be your best on your wedding day and forever after! I will help you create your dream wedding and an enriched marriage.
  •  Meaningful vows – Create your own or use traditional religious or cultural ceremonies
  •  Renewal of vows - Say "I love you" and "Be my partner" all over again. Why not!
  •  Premarital coaching – Appreciation, Acceptance, Affection and Attention
  •  Meditations  -  Inspire and soothe pre-wedding nerves and set the tone for your future
  •   Newlywed coaching – Meet challenges with love, lightheartedness and laughter
  •   Wedding planning – Perhaps all you need are a few suggestions.
  •   Life Coaching - I help people be their best!
We can meet in person, SKYPE or by telephone for vow planning, coaching and even meditation training.
The initial consultation is free! 
Contact me: 941-348-9448
Make the Commitment:  If you want love, be loving! 
It is my job to help you translate your most heart-felt desires into meaningful vows
Questions I might ask you: 
  • What is your unique love story?
  • Why you want to marry?
  • What do you like about your partner?
  • What are each of your strengths?
  • What challenges do you foresee? 
  • Do you want children?
  • Do you have parents or children you’d like to have included in the ceremony? 
  • What is your perfect wedding dream? 
  • What cultural, religious or just plain fun rituals would you like included? (A unity candle? A rose exchange to honor your parents? A symbolic sand ceremony? A shell toss? Love letters?)
 4 Simple Steps to I DO! 

  • Apply for your marriage license online through the Manatee County Clerk's Office. 
  • Make one trip to the courthouse to document your identities. 
  • Bring your license to the ceremony. Your witnesses (optional) and I will sign it. 
  • Mail your license to the Court (I will do this). Your certified license from the Court will be mailed within a month.

Wedding & Vow Renewal Services:
 Ceremony Planning and Officiating:  Make it special, make it yours! This includes telephone calls, face-to-face or SKYPE individualized vow planning and local driving time. 

Fee: $200 

 Wedding Site Rehearsal:  Planning takes away those jitters! 

Fee: $100

Payments are due when the ceremony is finalized. 
Wedding Party Meditations:
I have meditations that will help your hearts focus on peace, harmony, laughter and love. That’s my philosophy. I will also happily incorporate your own hopes and wishes. 

Primordial Sound Meditation Training: 
Meditate Chopra Style: $350 for five hour program that includes your personal mantra. 
Meditation can bring inner individual and marital peace. In a nutshell, meditation lessens anxiety, increases inner spirituality and emotional connectedness to others. It is the best tool I have found to manage stress, even the exciting stress of planning a wedding! Call me or visit for more information.  I have taught people to meditate via SKYPE.
Wedding Premarital Coaching
  • Time! How can we enjoy our family and friends yet still have time to be alone as a couple? And, how can I still maintain my individual identity?
  • Children?
  • Sexual compatibilities? What is intimacy anyway?
  • Communication styles and, yes, conflict resolution
  • Financial values, practices and goals
  • Spiritual practices 
$240 for four sessions in person or via Skype/telephone. Initial telephone consultation is free. Florida residents receive a wedding license discount from the Clerk of Court for the course.
Newlywed Coaching: 

Stay on the love track - tune in and tune-up those communication skills!  Examine your preferences and differences. $200 for 4 prepaid sessions. Why pre pay? You will use them and prevent crisis. Or $60 per session.

Wedding Planning Services
If you are doing your wedding planning yourself, but need a little help, just ask. I can give you suggestions, vendor referral information and will simply charge you an hourly fee. Perhaps you want to just discuss wedding locations, catering, accommodations, hair salons, wellness, massage or yoga services.
Life Coaching:
I have been offering confidential life coaching services on Anna Maria Island and internationally via SKYPE for over ten years. Life Coaching represents the positive face of psychology. I help people be their best, find what I call their perfect Self. If you don't believe in perfect, just ask me! 
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